Hear Her Story

Having an open adoption with my daughter has been the most life-giving decision I have made in my life, thus far. Too many times we are faced with circumstances that are out of our control, but this was one decision I COULD control. Having an unexpected pregnancy was a position I’d never imagined I would be in. So, knowing I wouldn’t be able to give her the family unit she deserved, I chose Open Adoption. Out of my love for her, I chose to give her a Mom, Dad and a sibling. Now, our relationship can grow in a healthy way for years to come. I am so thankful for the amazing family she is now a part of. Being included in all her milestones and Holiday’s is so special. Getting to do life together in this type of relationship is so rewarding and freeing. Open Adoption has been such a huge blessing in my life.

Now at Open Arms, we are spreading the news of how modern adoption works today. Like in my case the Agency paid for my living expenses, let me design my couple, gave me a lot of counseling, let me decide how often I wanted to visit my baby, and gave me a part-time job afterwards talking with other expecting birth moms. The hard part of placing was softened some with all of those things.